More Reasons to choose TelRouter


    Integration services free with purchase of our server appliance, phones and IP trunking.
    First one month support for free with any purchase.
    Offer end 09/2012 .. All time free email support if you buy our services or solutions !!


    Innovative telRouter product line make business communication simpler.

    One stop shop: We will help you figure out what you want, and get what you need! All at one place.

    Why pick telRouter..?.

    Be updated on Voice Over IP

    You donot have to be an IT company to own a voice over ip phone systems.

Coming Soon

    Innovative phone apps to control your phone system from anywhere and change settings.
    A very light weight system for home offices which not only integrates the phones but also other business features.
    Integrated customer portal to view all at one page (Innovative GUI, Call Data)