Meet us

The Company

VoIP technology has been around for nearly a decade and so have we. Our engineers have been working with VoIP since the days of its conception. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we stand on the forefront of technology and strive to bring the best and cheap solutions for your business.

Who are we?

    We are based in the heart of Silicon Valley and adhere to the highest standards of technology as well as ethical conduct. For us, understanding the telephony needs of today’s businesses is paramount. Staying ahead in your market today means having an infrastructure that is robust yet scalable. We have built our company and products around the same concept.

One Stop Shop

    All the ingredients and flavors of Voice over ip is here at your finger tips. We believe Even with the introduction of VoIP into the market in the last few years, PBX costs continue to rise and are just as demanding.We have ventured out to bring a solution tailored to meet the needs of your business which is scalable, sturdy, easy to setup and cost effective (Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Cheaper). We will continue to bring innovative software and easy integration solutions over time. telRouter is a perfert starter solution which will grow with your business. Our aim is to bring the cutting edge of technology to your doorstep.

The Team

We are a team! We don’t believe in titles, but we know our strengths and weaknesses and put in our best.


  • Akhil Chandra,

    The coach, the visionary and the driving force for telRouter telecommunication software. Under his vision Puresynth ventured into new areas of telecom solutions, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) and social networking. He is a true mixture of motivator, cheer leader and mentor.

    Before turning into an entrepreneur he worked as a telecommunication consultant at IPUnity, Time Warner Communications, CableCom, Comcast and many more.He handled all the projects from concept to completion.

    He is a Masters of Computer Science from Western Michigan University and B.E from IIT Roorkee.


  • Supriya Saripalli,

    Like a quarterback, make things happen, she gives the vision a shape and life. Her marketing experience, people skills, communication skills coupled with the strong will to succeed and win has taken the company to the next level.

    Prior to this she worked as Senior Technical marketing manager at Oracle Corp (Communications global business unit) which deal with Billing and Operation support systems in Communication space.

    She is a Masters in Computer Science from Western Michigan University, and B.E from Osmania university.


  • Gauthaman Thangaraju,

    is the sales and marketing whiz. He has vast experience in growing a small company to zenith.

    Prior to this he managed a software consultancy service. He developed TellyQuiz as a labor of love. He envisions TellyQuiz as an extra-curricular, interactive site where kids can build skills and character while having fun.

    He did his M.S from Tennesse Tech university and B.E from Andhra university.

Running Back

  • Atchuta Rallapalli,

    As a name implies, not only Atchuta knows every play of the quarter back, he fulfills it with great resposibility. Patience, perseverance, discipline come natural to him. He has more than eleven years of experience in engineering and engineering management driving technical innovation. He leads the engineering arm.

    Prior to this he served as Senior Technical manager in Networking and Mobile application space taking the ownership of design and development of converged mobile apps. He also worked in esteem organizations like Azaire, Alcatel, Tahoe networks and played a key Engineering role. His in-depth technical knowledge, strong drive to keeping himself abreast with latest technologies brings a whole new dimension to us as a team.

    He did his M.S from Tennesse Tech university and B.E from Andhra university.

Line Backer

  • Sagar Kollata,

    He is the jack of all trades. At situations where everything seems bleaks, he rises and shines and does show the hope to the team. A hard core mechanical engineer at heart from the prestigious IIT Roorkee. He did his masters in Mechanical engineering from University of Texas Austin.

    He has been a part of our management team from inception and from time to time have given team the direction which was very critical at that point.

Defensive line

    Our strong defensive line is the customer support team we got who make the company proud from time to time with their dedication, responsibility and quick response to our customers. We hire tech savvy and hardworking people for our support team. Our support team is a combination of engineers with years of experience in VoIP and the youth which is hard working we are ready to show case and prove our world class support. Reach us anytime via email or open a ticket at support


Your Questions answered

    Q: How do I contact support ?

    Ans:There are three ways to contact support
    1) Shoot us an email, we will respond to you within a buisnessday.
    2) Contact us via phone Link to contact us page
    3) Goto our shop at shop and buy the support/consulting/integration services as per your needs for 2hrs or 3 or 6 month ..etc

    Q: I place an order for an appliance when will I receive it ?

    Ans:There are three choices for your pbx, you can choose to pick one of our server appliances ( firefly, caiman) or cloud pbx
    If you choose to pick one of our servers, depending on the configuration, it should not take more than 5 business days for it to be shipped.
    If the integration services are included, we will collect some configuration parameters and router parameters from you and will ship it to you with everything configured. This might take 5-7 business days.

    Q: Where do I see the reviews ?

    Ans:Goto our blog, see the reviews, the discussions of our exisiting customers, and our members.
    Be a member and become the part of the telrouter community and keep it touch.

    Q: How do I configure telrouter GUI ?

    Ans: You can also find our online tutorials about telrouter GUI at
    You still have questions, post it on our blog, call us, email us.
    Customer are our utmost priority. We are here to serve you.

    Q: What are various telrouter portals we get for the end subscriber ?

    Ans: You will have a Admin telrouter GUI if you own one of our server appliance ( firefly or caiman).
    If you are subscribed to our IP trunking services you will have your own portal on how many phone numbers and minutes and sip trunks you have purchased from us.It will also show you the Call records.
    Cloudpbx will have its own portal showcasing your pbx configuration settings and the existing routes and the extensions on your systems.